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Community based

We're a community-based organization

That means that we partner in close collaboration with local hospitals, churches, schools, and safety organizations to educate and empower families and caregivers in cities around the country.

We’ve partnered with over 200 child passenger safety organizations and programs in over 150 cities.

By providing resources, training, tools-and even free car seats-for our partners, we are able to make a difference for thousands of families. We couldn't do it without our partners. It's this network that empowers thousands of parents, grandparents and caregivers each year to protect our tiniest citizens through car seat and seat belt safety.

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Adrienne Gallardo, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
We deeply value and appreciate being a grant partner, and all BUFL allows us to do to improve child passenger safety education and provide much needed resources to the families and children in our community who struggle with obtaining the necessary resources to keep their children safe when traveling.
- Adrienne Gallardo,
Doernbecher Children’s Hospital
Our callaborators

How our partnerships work

Buckle Up for Life offers three types of partnerships. Through these partnerships, organizations can apply for funding, car seats, access to resources to support implementation of a community-based child passenger safety program, or a combination of the three depending on their needs. We accept new community partners every year and begin taking applications at the beginning of each calendar year.

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Every family, every child, every ride

We have a special focus on Hispanic and African American communities, where research shows that children are 10 times less likely to be properly restrained. Our comprehensive and culturally sensitive approach draws on pre-existing community relationships through our partners. Together, we encourage the use of motor vehicle restraints to create a culture of health and safety.